Desert Gold Diggers

Gold nuggets at the 2004 Tucson Gem and Mineral Show

Mouth watering pictures of gold shown at the 2004 Tucson Gem and Mineral Show. Pictures and captions courtesy of Bob Boor.

The "Boot of Cortez" is the largest natural gold nugget in existence from
the Western Hemisphere. Its weight is 389.4 troy oz. and was found in
the Sonora Desert with a metal detector in 1989. (Note that the owner
corrected me in that it is not the largest ever found in the Western
Hemisphere but the largest surviving nugget.)
Reef Mn. Cochise Co. Arizona
Quartzsite La Paz Co. Arizona
Gold from Carson Hill, Calaveres County, California
The Fricot. Crystallized gold mass - 201.40 troy oz. (approx. 13 lbs.)
Discovered August, 1865 by William Russell Davis
Grit Claim, Spanish Dry Diggins, Middle Fork
American River, El Dorado County, California
Nuggets in a gold pan
Nice big nugget from Australia

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