Desert Gold Diggers

Road Cleanup and Nugget Shoot on 17 March 2002

We had a great turnout for our semiannual highway clean-up. Due to the large number of people, it only took us 1 1/2 hours to complete the chore. Afterwards, we headed down Gardner Canyon road for some fun with a nugget shoot and a pot luck. In less than an hour, all 20 tokens were found along with many English pennies. There were 22 contestants. The winners: Lonny Riplinger took first with 6, second place was Ralph Zarate with 3, and Roger Timm and Bob Boor tied for third with 2 tokens each. Some really nice nuggets were passed out.

The pot luck was excellent with delicious Hebrew National hot dogs provided by George Volker. The weather really cooperated for us. For those of you who chose not to attend, you missed a great time.

Webmaster Ray Knights would like to thank the people who gave his grandson Michael Jeffers a couple of the English pennies. He was thrilled and they are now among his treasures.

Pictures and text courtesy of Bob Boor.

Members getting ready to work.
DGD members ready to hit the highway.
Detectorists, on your mark, get set...

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